Everyday liberals are on our televisions, on the radio and in the newspaper speaking for the whole Hispanic community. Liberals tell the world how Hispanics think and they tell Hispanics how to act, how to vote, and what they should be doing. Hispanics are not all the same, just look at the diverse nationalities, skin colors, dialects, and traditions.  So why would there be only one liberal side to the story dominating the media? Liberals have kidnapped Hispanic communities across our nation.
It is time for us to stand up
and tell the world there is another voice!
The Conservative Hispanic Society had our first meeting small Mexican food restaurant in Dallas, TX  on October 2, 2009 with about 50 people attending and now have over 6,000 paid members and supporters across the country. CHS is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 based on values not politics. CHS has members from all races and ethnicities including Hispanic,
Anglo, Asian, and African-American, all believing in our mission, vision and values. 
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God | Family | Freedom | Education | Personal Freedoms
Religious Freedoms | Pro-Life | Lower Taxes | Limited Government
Liberals Kidnap the Hispanic Community
Mission Statement:
The Conservative Hispanic Society exists to preserve and protect traditional conservative Hispanic values through community involvement, advancement of Hispanic-owned businesses and promotion of conservative policy at the local, state and federal levels.
Vision Statement:
The Conservative Hispanic Society will be the
preeminent national organization promoting
traditional conservative values in the Hispanic
community. This goal will be achieved through local, regional, and national strategies. On the
local level, CHS will partner with local leaders and organizations to fulfill its mission.  The local affiliate will carry out the mission of community involvement by serving the community in the areas of education and neighborhood revitalization. On the regional level, groups of affiliates will partner in support of those policies and candidates which represent our values.  At the national level, CHS will partner with like-minded organizations to fulfill its national strategy of promotion of traditional Hispanic conservative values through Hispanic candidate development, conservative policy development and education of Hispanics about their conservative roots and beliefs.
Values Statement:
The Conservative Hispanic Society holds to these core conservative values, which represent traditional Hispanic culture and belief:
    • Free Enterprise
    • Limited Government
    • Individual Freedom
    • Preservation of the Traditional Family
    • Importance of God in Daily Life
    • Strong Work Ethic
    • Educational Opportunity for All
    • Sanctity of Human Life
    • Equal Opportunity for all Citizens
    • Strong Nation Defense
    • Private Sector Responsibility to Care
       for the Poor
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Limited Taxation
    • Limited Regulatory Burden  
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